"Home for Thanksgiving" Show # 99-46 
PLAYLIST FOR November 17, 1999
1. I’m Going Back to the Old Home Doc Watson Riding the Midnight Train-’86 Sugar Hill 3752
2. Thank God I’m Coming Home Sylvia The Real Story-’96 Red Pony 796
3. Home’s Where I Long To Be Bruce and Nunally The Way Things Are-’99 Musix 105
4. My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mts Joan Baez Country Music Album-70s Vanguard 105/106
5. Home Coming Bennett and Gurley Bennett and Gurley-’97 Cimirron-Rainbird 14
6. Send My Child Home To Me Lightning Hopkins Texas Blues-’69 Arhoolie 302
7. Going Home Jimmy Lafave Buffalo Return to Plains-’95 BohemiaBeat-0005
8. Watching The Pines Mustard’s Retreat Back To Back-’87 Red House 72
9. The Fields of Home Bob Amos Wherever I Go-’99 Hayden’s Ferry 9902
10. Cornbread &Sweetpeas Konnarock Critters Cornbread & Sweetpeas-’97 Maramac 34473
11. Prairie Eagle Song Aileen and Elkin Thomas Two by Two-’95 Shantih 1824
12. Home Folks Front Porch String Band Lines and Trces-’91 Rebel 1689
13. Don’t It Make You Want To Go Home John Stewart Darwin’s Army-’99 Appleseed 1025
14. Black Pepper Pat Kirtley Rural Life-’98 Mainstring 9801
15. When Fall Comes To New England Cheryl Wheeler Driving Home-’93 Philo 1152
Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at :
Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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