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Spring 2002

Month Date Show #  Show Title
April 3 02-14 Whatís New: The periodic look at new music
  10 02-15 Feathers, Wings and Birds.  Songs about birds.
17 02-16 Keep It Simple.  One instrument.  One voice.  Little else
24 02-17 Here Comes That Rain.  April showers bring May flowers.
May 1 02-18 Flat Pick Magic:  How do they do it?  The great guitar players.
  8 02-19 Motherís Day
15 02-20 Open Hands.  The magic of a healing touch
23 02-21 Great Canadian Music.  Music from the North
30 02-22 What Would Love Say?  Does love offer any advice?
June 5 02-23 Itís Killing MeóLetting Go.  When love gives up
  12 02-24 Fatherís Day
19 02-25 Here Comes Summer. Songs about the hot weather
26 02-26 Horse Back And Happy.  Songs about horses

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