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Summer 2002

Month Date Show #  Show Title
July 3 02-27 What's New?  The periodic look at new music
  10 02-28 Thank you Woody Guthrie.  Happy Birthday
17 02-29 The Lonesome Blues.  The nights are too long
24 02-30 Good News.  Some feel better songs
31 02-31 Don't Go.  I wish you wouldn't leave
August 7 02-32 Did I Say I'm Sorry?  We all need to
  14 02-33 Bridges.   We couldn't get any place without bridges
21 02-34 Road House Blues.  Kick up your heels and dance
28 02-35 The Eyes.  These are the windows to the soul
September 4 02-36 When The First Leaves Fall.  Changing of the season
  11 02-37 Father of Bluegrass.  Happy birthday Bill Monroe
18 02-38 The Lady Is A Cowgirl.  Keeping up with the cowboys
25 02-39 Why We Sing.  Don't forget the reasons for the songs

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