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Spring 2003

Month Date Show #  Show Title
April 1 03-13 Whatís New: The periodic look at new music
  8 03-14 Spring Has Sprung:  Flower, showers and warm air
15 03-15 Headiní West:  Songs of the cowboy
22 03-16 Ladies Choice:  Some of the ladies who paved the way
29 03-07 Trouble:  Weíre all experts
May 6 03-18 Motherís Day.  Songs for Mom
13 03-19 Itís Time To Dance
20 03-20 Before Their Time, Vol. II.  When people leave us too soon
27 03-21 Lies, Lies, Lies:  Donít do that!
June 3 03-22 We Love The Water:  Small streams to the whole ocean
  10 03-23 Fatherís Day:  Songs for Dad
17 03-24 A Good Womanís Love:  Canít beat that
24 03-25 What Do You Do For A Living?  Work songs

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