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Summer 2003

Month Date Show #  Show Title
July 1 03-26 What’s New: The periodic look at new music
  8 03-27 Woody's Friend:  The singers around him. 
15 03-28 That Lonesome Train:  Out on the rails. 
22 03-29 Blue Night:  Sad songs for the lonely hours.
29 03-30 Got To Do Better:  Social commentary from the writers.
August 5 03-31 Why We Sing:  The reasons for the songs. 
12 03-32 The Celtic Ladies:  Sing sad songs.
19 03-33 Did I Say I'm Sorry?  We could do more of that. 
26 03-34 Work, Work, Work:  Do we do anything else?
September 2 03-35 Memories:  Looking Back.
  9 03-36 Mr. Dylan's Tunes:  He's written a lot of good songs.     
16 03-37 A Song About A Heartache:  I'm sure you could use one.
23 03-38 Friends:  The more the merrier.
30 03-39 Those Bluegrass Ladies:  Can they sing!

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