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Summer 2005

Month Date Show #  Show Title
July 5 05-27 Whatís New: The periodic look at new music
  12 05-28 Driving Us Crazy:  We love our cars.
19 05-29 Sweet Birds:  Wrens to Eagles.
26 05-30 Sad Old Trains:  Are there any other kind.
August 2 05-31 Canít Shake Those Blues:  Hard as I try.
  9 05-32 Heart And Hand:  They go together.
16 05-33 Heard It On The Radio:  Great invention, the radio.
23 05-34 Love Those Cats:  Manís best friend.
30 05-35 Under Rated Holiday:  Songs for Labor Day
September 6 05-36 Something About A Horse:  Saddle up and ride.
  13 05-37 The Rocky Road:  Some about love.
20 05-38 Autumn:  When leaves turn yellow, red and gold.
27 05-39 Was Yesterday That Good:  A look at the good old days.

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