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Summer 2006

Month Date Show #  Show Title
July 4 06-27 Whatís New:  The periodic look at new music.
  11 06-28 Ladyís Choice:  What the lady wants to say.
18 06-29 Out In the Country:  Down home and quiet.
25 06-30 Old Friends:  How sweet!
August 1 06-31 Train Whistle Blues:  That lonesome sound.
  8 06-32 Running Water:  Rivers, creeks and streams.
15 06-33 Remember This:  Songs from the 70ís.
22 06-34 When A Woman Gets The Blues:  She hangs her head and cries.
29 06-35 Work, Work, Work:  Every day is Labor Day.
September 5 06-36 Itís Bad Out There:  The worldís a dangerous place.
  12 06-37 Same Old Blues:  Over and over
19 06-38 The One Who Got Away:  About choices.
26 06-39 Just A Little Kiss:  Iím askiní.

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