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Spring 2007

Month Date Show #  Show Title
April 3 07-14 Whatís New: The periodic look at new music
  10 07-15

Heaven Is So High:  But let's go anyway

17 07-16 Play That Guitar:  This is guitar month
24 07-17 Plant A Tree:  Celebrating Arbor Day
May 1 07-18

Ticket to Ride:  Ride the trains in songs

  8 07-19 Motherís Day:  Thanks Mom
15 07-20 When Folk Was Folk:  A look back at some great songs
22 07-21 When We Talk:  Songs about the art of communication
29 07-22 Our Town:  Tributes to towns, big and small
June 5 07-23

Like a River:  Float it, swim it, fish it or just sit by it

  12 07-24 Fatherís Day:  Thanks Dad
19 07-25 Summer Solstice:  The longest day of the year
26 07-26 Being A Woman:  There is wisdom to be heard

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