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Summer 2010

Month Date Show #  Show Title
July 6 10-27 What’s New: The periodic look at new music
  13 10-28

What's New: New artists to The Folk Sampler

20 10-29 Matters Of The Heart: Sometimes happy...sometimes sad.
27 10-30 Parents Day: Songs for mom and dad...and some kids.
August 3 10-31

Stop: A warning and an invitation.

  10 10-32 Look: There are things to see.
17 10-33 Listen: There are things to hear.
24 10-34 Next To The Water: Cool off in summer.
31 10-35 Catch That Train: Remembering the old time trains.
September 5 10-36

Producer's Choice: Let me play you a song.

  12 10-37 Going Places: An imaginary trip.
19 10-38 All Kinds Of Blues: Happy to sad.
26 10-39 Beautiful: Sometimes that word fits.

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