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Spring 2011

Month Date Show #  Show Title
April 5 11-14 What's New: New artists to the Folk Sampler
  12 11-15

Home Sick: There's no place like home.

19 11-16 Easter Season: Once on an April evening.
26 11-17 The Duets: Two voices are better than one.
May 3 11-18

Mother's Day: Songs about our moms.

  10 11-19 Batter Up: The great American past-time.
17 11-20 Variety: That's the spice of life.
24 11-21 Memorial Day: We will not forget.
31 11-22 A Train In My Dreams: The sounds of the old trains.
June 7 11-23

It's Not That Easy: Falling In And Out Of Love.

  14 11-24 Father's Day: Songs about our dads.
21 11-25 More Than Just A Song: The magic of the poets.
28 11-26 Yesterday & Today: They're still making music.

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