"That Song About The River" Show # 13-32
PLAYLIST FOR August 6, 2013
1. The River Steve Gillette The Ways Of The World-'92 Compass Rose
2. River Of The Big Canoe Barton & Para Living On The River-'00 Roustabout
3. Arkansas River Bill Justice Snapshot-'03 Justice
4. Deep River Blues Dan Crary Perfect Storm-'11 Blue Night
5. Down To The River Allison Krauss -A Hundred Miles Or More-'07 Rounder
6. River Song Tom Rush What I Know-'09 Appleseed
7. Meet Me Where The River Turns Guy Davis Butt Naked Free-'00 Red House
8. The River Bill Staines The First Million Miles-'89 Rounder
9. River Of Tears Eric Clapton Pilgrim-'98 Reprise
10. Beautiful Buffalo River Jimmy Driftwood Beautiful Buffalo River Rackensack LP
11. River Run James Keelaghan My Skies-'93 Green Linnet
12. Banks Of The Old St. John Dough Spears Welcome Home-'09 Cypress Moss
13. Bloody Red River Coole/Naiman 5 Strings Attacked...-97 Merriweather
14. Rivers Of Texas Mason Williams Of Time & Rivers Flowing-84 Skookum LP

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