The playlist archive you are about to access includes each artist, song title, album name, and even record company information from the Folk Sampler national radio broadcast!
The following list allows you to access your favorite FolkSampler program by theme. The shows are listed according to the month in which they were originally uplinked to satellite. Local broadcast dates may vary.

1998 Playlists  |   1999 Playlists
S E P T E M B E R ,   1 9 9 7
Blue Eyed Blues 
The Highway Never Ends 

O C  T O B E R ,   1 9 9 7
What's New?
Monday Morning Blues 
Life In The City 
Life in the Country 

N O V E M B E R ,   1 9 9 7
Songs of the 1970's
Traveling Highway 50 
She’s No Lady 

D E C E M  B E R ,   1 9 9 7
It's Cold Out There
"Christmas" part 1
"Christmas" part 2
1997 In Review part 1

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