The playlist archive you are about to access includes each artist, song title, album name, and even record company information from the Folk Sampler national radio broadcast!
The following list allows you to access your favorite FolkSampler program by theme. The shows are listed according to the month in which they were originally uplinked to satellite. Local broadcast dates may vary.

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J A N U A R Y ,   1 9 9 8
What's New?
Sons and Daughters
Snow and Ice
Keep It Simple 
F E B R U  A R Y ,   1 9 9 8
Creatures Great and Small 
All for Love 
Trains Roll By 
M A R C H  1 9 9 8
In Like A Lion
Irish Blarney
Two by Two
Try To Be Good 
A P R I L  1 9 9 8
Let The Church Roll On
The Celtic Men
The Guitar Players
Showers and Flowers 
M A Y   1 9 9 8
Mother's Day 
Trip The Light Fantastic 
Will We Ever Learn? 
Sorry I Missed You 
J U N E  1 9 9 8
Things I've Learned 
Carrying On 
Father's Day 
Pacing The Cage

J U L Y  1 9 9 8
Will We Ever Learn? 
Too Many Shadows
Just One More Kiss
The Perfect Woman 
Dance Upon the Earth 
A U G U S T  1 9 9 8
Life is a River 
Where's That Rain? 
I've Been to Texas 
River of Tears 
S E P T E M B E R  1 9 9 8
Now That Was Funny 
Some Kind of Fool 
Plant a Tree 
I Remember Chicago 

O C T O B E R  1 9 9 8
What's New? 
Cut and Deal 

N O V E M B E R  1 9 9 8
West of Yesterday 
Circle of Friends 
Trip Home 
Car and Driver 

D E C E M B E R  1 9 9 8
Doghouse Blues
Cold Frosty Morn
Christmas I
Christmas II
Review of 98, part I

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