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 Bill and Pam Gurley
Album: "Lights of Home"
 Angel Macon Music 001
(4 out of 5 Paws)

They are a married couple, living in an old historic house in Lancaster Virginia, making music that suits their hearts and souls. And the music is good. Bill is a good singer and a fine guitar and fiddle player. Pam has a sweet, lilting voice that does justice to the tunes they have chosen. They wrote, or co-wrote, 4 of the 12 songs. Bill does a wonderful banjo version of Sandy River Belle, along with some outstanding guitar instrumentals. Pamís version of a song that Bill and his friend Stephen Bennett wrote, called, Dancing With You In My Heart, is one of the nicest tunes in the collection. Bill does a song he wrote, called Brother Got The Brains, that makes me laugh out loud.

The picture on the front of the cd gives you the impression that they live a quiet and uncluttered life, making music in a very old-fashioned way. Few of us really live that way, but it makes you feel good to see two people moving in that direction. A nice collection of what folk music can do so well.


The Gurleys
1501 Crawford Corner Road
Lancaster VA 22503
(804) 435-3523

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