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Mike Flynn and
the 1st Studio Cat
Since the beginning of the Folk Sampler, there has always been a studio cat.  I'm not sure why one of the cats has always chosen to come into the studio with me to listen, sleep, and just be close, but they have.  When there were two or three cats around, only one of them would be the studio cat. . .   
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The first one was Hoover.  When he retired, Pinto took over.  The current Studio Cat is Aggie, the first female.  She is the most faithful of all the cats.  She is here just about anytime I am working or recording in the studio.  She is always faithful.  I have always liked having a cat around.  Company, I guess.  In fact, she is curled up, pretending to be asleep on the couch as I write at the computer.  

It must be inevitable that the Studio Cat would have learned something over the years.  These reviews are done in consort with the Studio Cat.  Ratings range from 1 - 5 cat paws.

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