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Glen Yarbrough

Album: "Time To Move On"
Folk Era Records #1709 (1999)

(5 Paws)


If the term “old folkie” makes sense to you and doesn’t offend you, you will probably like a new CD release of music first issued in 1963 by Glen Yarbrough. Glen was the lead singer in a group called the Limelighters. They were one of the hottest groups in the folk music of the 1960s. They put out lots of albums and did personal appearances all over the world. They were funny, irreverent, interesting, and they made good music. At the peak of all this, Glen quit the group to sail on his boat and to record a solo album. This is it, reissued on CD.

On the record jacket (originally on RCA-Victor) Glen said that he did not like to be branded as folk singer. “I just try to do good songs.” Well, this is not folk music in the sense that Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, or Jack Elliot do folk music. But this was what some people were calling folk music in 1963. It is more pop music than it is folk. But, maybe Glen was right. Don’t worry about whether it is folk or pop. It is good music.

It is quiet and romantic music that a lot of people were more than eager to hear in those turbulent times. This was the year the White House and the Kremlin put in the “hot line.” The times they were a changing and folk music was making a right turn. Glen Yarbrough was ahead of the curve.

Don’t miss read the term pop music. This is not Frank Sinatra or Andy Williams pop music. Most of the songs could be classified as folk. Jesse Fullers “San Francisco Bay Blues,” Bob Gibson’s “Stella’s Got A New Dress,” Ian and Sylvia’s “Four Strong Winds” can all qualify as folk songs. Maybe it would be better called folk--done in pop style. Whatever you call it, it is easy to listen to.

If this music of the 60’s appeals to you and you remember the high tenor voice of Glen Yarbrough, you should be glad to see this album reissued. It also includes a song written by Rod McKuen, the poet of choice in the 60’s. The CD even has the original artwork and liner notes. It’s long overdue.

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