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 Jerry Rau
Album: "Streetsinger"
 Minstral Music #006
(3 out of 5 Paws)

Most of the music recorded these days is slick and highly produced. Here is a cd with just a man and his guitar. When you hear it, it is refreshing and so very easy to listen to. He came to Arkansas one time and sang his wonderfully personal songs in Mike's living room, with about 30 people around the room, drawn into his stories comfortably. Jerry writes songs about people you can relate to, people you would like to know, people you do know. When you listen to the songs he writes, you get the impression Jerry spends a lot of time along, reflecting on his life, and the life that revolves around him. You don't want to listen to these songs in a noisy bar or concert hall somewhere. You want to sit up close, to watch his face, to listen to every word. Then, when the concert is over you would like to sit down with Jerry, over a cup of coffee, to hear more about where he has been and where the songs have come from. Jerry Rau is what folk music is all about.


Minstral Music
PO Box 13014
Minneapolis MN 55414

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