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Treasures Left Behind
Remembering Kate Wolf

Red House records #114
(5 out of 5 Paws)


This is a collection of songs written by the late Kate Wolf, done by a group of artists who were touched by Kate's music and by her very life. These artists pay tribute to the songwriter that she was, but also to the ideas that she expressed in her songs over the years. If you don't know the music of Kate Wolf, please get one of her own albums, and hear her do these songs herself, to understand why so many people love her, as well as love her songs. It's a surprise that more people have not done Kate's songs in the years since she died from leukemia in 1986.

Much of the credit for this collection goes to Nina Gerber, a close friend, and fellow musician from California. Nina was in high school when she first heard Kate's music. Through dedication and persistence, Nina became Kate's primary accompanist, as well as close friend. They toured all over the country, making great music together. In fact, Nina plays Kate's custom made guitar on this collection of songs.

Kate Wolf died at 44, but her songs are deep and gentle, full of older wisdom. The pain of her death will not go away. But, she did leave behind these wonderful songs. They are done with great tenderness and love by artists such as: Kathy Mattea, Dave Alvin, Nanci Griffith, John Gorka, Lucinda Williams, Peter Rowan, Cris Williamson, Tret Fure, Utah Philips, Rosalie Sorrels, Greg Brown, Ferron, Eric Bogle, Emmylou Harris, Terry Garthwite, and, of course, Nina Gerber. Kate Wolf's music is the honest truth.

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