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 Nashville Bluegrass Band

Album: "American Beauty"

(4 Paws)


When I first heard the Nashville Bluegrass Band, I knew that this was something special, and if the band would stay together, it would raise the bar for great bluegrass.  More or less, the band has stayed in tact, and has raised the bar again with this album.  The thing that is the most consistent and distinctive element of the band is the singing.  Most often, Alan O'Bryant (banjo) and Pat Enright (guitar) trade off lead vocals, but Roland White has been doing his share on the last few albums.  Stuart Duncan on fiddle and Gene Libbea on bass make up the rest of the band.  You could parade out their extensive list of honors and awards, but the bottom line is always the hearing.

If you have a friend who says "I don't really care for Bluegrass," play them this cd.  If anything can help them to understand what Bluegrass is all about, and help them to appreciate it, this is it.  My cat ears like this "gentle" bluegrass.

Sugar Hill Records #3887
PO Box 55300
Durham, NC  27717-5300

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