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 Suzanne Thomas

Album: "Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts"


(3 Paws)


You probably know her music, even if you are not sure of her name.  She is one of the two females in the Dry Branch Fire Squad.  Suzanne has a track record that should have made her better known, but she has always been part of a group, which tends to get a person's name a little lost.

She was the power-house lead singer in a group called The Hotmud Family in the late '60s and '70s.  The band was formed in Dayton Ohio by Suzanne, Dave Edmondson and Rick Good.  They did mostly old time string band music.  In fact, she can still do some very nice old time clawhammer banjo.

But what she really offers on this album is great vocals and nice music choices, including a Carter Family song, "Just a Few More Days" . . . Robin and Linda William's song "Leaving this Land". . . and a few of her own songs.  Her best songs are the soft, gentle songs that seem to come out of her heart.  She did us all a musical favor by doing an album on her own.
Rounder Records #0423
One Camp Street

Cambridge, MA  02140

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