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J A N U A R Y  2 0 0 7 

What's New?

"Review of 2006" Part II

That's Silly

It's Cold Out There

Hit the Road

F E B R U A R Y  2 0 0 7 

For My Valentine

It's All Over Now


Invitation to a Dance

M A R C H  2 0 0 7

Is That the Moon I See

Irish to the Bone

The Bluegrass Ladies

I Can't Get Enough of You

A P R I L  2 0 0 7

What's New

Heaven Is So High

Play That Guitar

Plant a Tree

M A Y  2 0 0 7

Ticket to Ride

Mother's Day

When Folk was Folk

When We Talk

Our Town

J U N E  2 0 0 7

Like A River

Father's Day


Being a Woman

J U L Y  2 0 0 7

What's New


I'm Sorry

All Creatures

An Invitation To a Dance

A U G U S T  2 0 0 7

Running Water

That's Silly

The One Who Got Away

Do You Have The Time

S E P T E M B E R  2 0 0 7

What's In A Name

It Takes a Worried Man

My Poor Heart

My Happy Heart

O C T O B E R  2 0 0 7

What's New

Coming to America

Car and Driver

More Time

After Midnight

N O V E M B E R  2 0 0 7

Veteran's Day

With Thanks

You Are The Music

Dreamin' of Being A Cowboy

D E C E M B E R  2 0 0 7

It's Winter

Both Sides of Christmas

White Christmas

Review of 2007: A

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